Arthdal Chronicles (2019)


  • Countries: Korean
  • Original title: 아스달 연대기
  • Also known as: Aseudal Chronicles, Asadal Chronicles, The Chronicles of Aseudal
  • Directors: Kim Won Suk
  • Air time: 1,7 at 21:00
  • Broadcast Period: 01/06/2019 to 22/09/2019
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Arthdal Chronicles (2019)

아스달 연대기,Aseudal Chronicles,Asadal Chronicles,The Chronicles of Aseudal

TV Series , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Political , Romance , Korean | Completed


Eun Sum (Song Joong Ki), was born with the destiny of bringing destruction to Aseudal. Because his mother fought to save him, he goes through all sorts of adversities as he grows up. Years later he returns to Aseudal to fulfill his destiny.

Ta Gon (Jang Dong Gun), is a war hero of Aseudal. He has paved the way for Aseudal to become a very prosperous nation, and he is the most powerful person in Aseudal, nobody ever dares to question him, and he is admired as he is feared. He long dreams of becoming the first king of Aseudal.

Tan Ya (Kim Ji Won), was born with the same fate as Eun Sum, their fates are both intertwined. She has also gone through many adversities over the course of her life, She is very clear about what her mission will be. Her greatest ambition is to become a politician.

Tae Ha (Kim Ok Bin), a woman who is the last descendant of the Noeantal, a race completely different from humans. Her ambition knows no bounds.
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Jo Seung Yeon Unknown Support Role
Park Byung Eun Dan Byuk [Sae Nyok Tribe] Support Role
Kim Won Suk Unknown Director
Go Bo Gyeol Unknown Support Role
Son Sook Unknown Support Role
Ki Do Hoon Unknown Support Role
Tae Won Seok Unknown Support Role
Park Sang Yeon Unknown Screenwriter
Kim Young Hyun Unknown Screenwriter
Park Hae Joon Moo Baek [Ta Gon's Grandfather] Support Role
Park Hyung Soo Gil Seon Support Role
Yoo Teo Unknown Support Role
Baek Seung Ik Unknown Support Role
Lee Do Kyung Ah Sa Ron Support Role
Jo Byung Kyoo Satnick Support Role
Lee Sung Woo Unknown Support Role
Kim Ho Jung Unknown Support Role
Jung Jae Won Ta Gon [Young] Support Role
Ha Joon Unknown Support Role
Heo Jung Eun Tan Ya [Young] Support Role
Jo Sung Ha Mi Hol [Tae Al Ha's Father] Support Role
Kim Eui Sung San Woong [Ta Gon's Father] Support Role
Choi Moo Sung San Wook Support Role
Kim Ye Joon Eun Som [Young] Support Role
Shin Joo Hwan Dal Sae Support Role
Song Joong Ki Eun Som Main Role
Jang Dong Gun Ta Gon Main Role
Kim Ji Won Tan Ya Main Role
Kim Ok Bin Tae Al Ha Main Role
Choo Ja Hyun Ah Sa Hon [Eun Som's Mother] Guest Role
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