Vagabond (2019)


  • Countries: Korean
  • Original title: 배가본드
  • Directors: Yoo In Shik
  • Air time: 6,7 at 22:00
  • Broadcast Period: 20/09/2019 to 23/11/2019
  • Watch online


Cha Dal Gun becomes an awakened tiger in the face of his nephew’s death in a mysterious plane crash. As an orphan himself, he had raised his nephew singlehandedly in place of his brother who had passed on. Triggered by the large-scale cover-up of the incident, he sets off on a journey to discover the truth.
Go Hae Ri is the eldest daughter of a marine who had died during an operation. She has always wanted to be a normal civil servant to support her family, but life had other plans and she ends up as a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent.
Their lives intertwine as they discover a tangled web of corruption behind the plane crash.
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Yoon Na Moo Hoshi Support Role
Jang Hyuk Jin Unknown Support Role
Hwang Bo Ra Gong Hwa Sook Support Role
Kim Jung Hyun Hong Seung Beom Support Role
Ryu Won Mikhi Support Role
Jung Man Shik Min Jae Shik Support Role
Lee Kyung Young [Lobbyist] Support Role
Kim Min Jong Unknown Support Role
Moon Jung Hee Jessica Lee Support Role
Baek Yoon Shik Jung Gook Pyo Support Role
Yoo Teo [Mercenary Soldier] Support Role
Moon Woo Jin [Cha Dal Geon's nephew] Support Role
Kim Dae Gon Unknown Support Role
Lee Gi Young Unknown Support Role
Kang Kyung Hun Sang Mi Support Role
Moon Seung Geun Unknown Support Role
Shin Sung Rok Ki Tae Woong Main Role
Suzy Go Hae Ri Main Role
Lee Seung Gi Cha Dal Gun Main Role
Jung Kyung Soon Unknown Unknown Role
Jang Young Chul Unknown Unknown Role
Yoo In Shik Unknown Unknown Role
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